Since December 2013 I've been contributing a regular visual essay/comic to the internationally recognized arts blog Hyperallergic.

I've managed to find it simultaneously thrilling, exhausting, and overwhelming to have a venue where I can probe the humorous and depressing depths of being an artist. I've probably been more emotionally honest with these than any other art I've made in my life--which truly is horrifying.  And kind of a feat considering I delve into everything from flyfishing, to my grandpa dying, to my dog, and things like "how socially conscious should my art be?"

Here are some of my favorites. The whole run of them are here. A new one pops up every other Thursday on Hyperallergic.

A note about the form: these all run LONG as they're seen in the column of a blog. This is just a little image or panel from each. Click them to see the whole comic.