I love to do them, but don't always have the time. Either way, please ask!

My favorite commissions end up being more like collaborations. Of course I love painting mountains or fish just because the feeling strikes me, but sometimes clients come up with ideas I'd never have. 

For example, recently I was asked to paint 50 tiny trout:


50 tiny trout??!? That's ridiculous! But I had so much fun with these I painted up some more and did a limited print run with my friends at Clove & Creek in Kingston.

I've also painted plenty of individual trout for clients. This trout was the first trout a client's fiancé ever caught while fly fishing. The client shared with me the photos of her presenting the painting to her husband-to-be at their rehersal dinner the day before getting married. That was just ridiculously adorable. Who doesn't like that?


And sometimes people write me and say: I'd like a brook trout, a brown trout, and a rainbow trout. I want them 7" x 5" each, and to all be facing to the right. I can do that too:

People also ask me to paint landscapes. (It's not all trout!) This was for a client who wanted something in a bigger size. That was basically all the direction I got. I wasn't sure what to paint until I walked outside one evening and saw the most intense burst of light reflecting back on the clouds of the western sky.

cream layer 15-33.jpg

Last, but not least, people will ask me to paint them something a little less serious than a moody landscape or a trout. (Maybe something more in the style of the kids' books I make.) I love doing that too! I've been doing the holiday card for my friends over at Cafe Grumpy for a few years now. I'll leave you with last year's card. If you have an idea for a commission, please don't hesitate to ask!