Trout @ Clove & Creek April 1st


Trout paintings at Clove & Creek - 73 Broadway, Kingston, NY.

Opening: April 1st 5-8pm. Show runs through July 1st.

I think I've put it best what these paintings mean to me in my recent comic on Hyperallergic, but the short version: I spend a lot of time fly fishing. It's kind of how I flush out my brain between projects, during projects, or when I'm not sure what that next project will be. So each of these fish are more than just a bunch of brushstrokes on paper. They are in and of themselves a sort of fossil-record of how my brain works through problems. 

Here's some more of the trout in the show. Most are brook trout I catch in the West Kill right behind the Spruceton Inn, where I live. A few others are brown trout from the rest of the Catskills. Most of these paintings are in the life-size AKA 8" - 18" range.