The Longest Silence

Vintage Books emailed me a few months ago seeing if I’d do a cover for a reprint of the Thomas McGuane fly fishing classic: The Longest Silence.

It was a very exciting email to receive.

mcguane brookie.jpg

Megan Wilson, the art director over at Vintage lives near Kingston and had recently seen my show “More Fish” at Clove & Creek. She’d seen the poster I’d made for that show and wondered if we could take that as inspiration for the book cover. I loved the idea!


We went through my ever-growing folder if fish and chose some favorites.

Then I did a whole mess of lettering. Imagine a whole stack of pages that look like this:


Megan worked her AD magic and next thing I knew the reprinted The Longest Silence was in my mailbox a few months later!

The whole book feels great (as in that perfect paperback book floppyness) and I think the fish printed really nicely on the cover stock. They even snuck two more on the back:


Oh, and here’s the spine too!


As for the book itself—I mean it is a classic for a reason! I can’t recommend it more highly for anyone who loves fishing or wants to get into fishing. McGuane has caught every fish I’d want to catch. Fished everywhere I want to fish. But the real thing I’ve taken away from his essays is how he really captures the feeling of being on the water. By this I mean, I often try to describe how I don’t want to see anyone else when I’m fishing and I think it comes off as a very grumpy sentiment. McGuane makes something like that sound very thoughtful and purposeful.

I also really appreciate his frankness with the responsibility anglers have to protect the environment. In fact I wrote out my favorite quote of his from the book’s preface which I HIGHLY recommend reading. As it didn’t make it into the book, I’ll put it right here:


The reprint comes out in February 2019. If you want to be sure to get the new cover, I’d order it directly from the publisher here.

Thanks again to Megan and everyone over at Vintage!