Ever since moving up to the Catskills from Brooklyn in December 2013 I've returned to an old stubborn friend: watercolors.

I just can't stop looking at the way the ridges that surround my house meet the sky, or the colors of the meadow next door keep changing, or how the spots on each fish I catch are different. So yes, I'm walking trope - MAN IN NATURE PAINTING - but I love it. In college I studied under an amazing disciple of Joesph Albers and maybe I've finally found the squares I want to paint again and again and again. Below you'll find just the tip of the iceberg.

These have found their ways into my comics for Hyperallergic, inspiration for book art, the walls of the Spruceton Inn, plus friends' and clients' homes. 

These are mostly intimately sized -- think in the family of 7" x 7", etc.

Some I have for sale in my shop