I'm a lucky one. Since 2013, I've lived in the middle of the Catskills. I paint the mountains that surround me and the fish I catch. Some days I fool myself into thinking I'm a modern day Thomas Cole. Some days I feel like I should be Bob Ross' understudy. I keep on thinking I'll get bored or frustrated or tired of painting the same thing again and again, and then I take another look. 


Recent shows/exhibitions/etc:

And North NYC Holiday Pop-Up - Manhattan, NY - December 2017

Fish On! - Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum - August 2017

Landscapes - Kabinett & Kammer - Andes, NY - May 2017

I Caught All These Fish - Clove & Creek - Kingston, NY - April 2017

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These paintings also have also appear in my visual essays for Hyperallergic, inspiration for book art, the walls of the Spruceton Inn. Some I have for sale in my shop. (Including prints!)


Fish are largely life size, between 8"-14" long. Landscapes are between intimate 6" x 8" little guys and big (at least for me) ones 22" x 30".