A thrillingly shameless disregard for the safety obsessions of our time.
— NY Times

Words and pictures Steven Weinberg | Margaret K. McElderry Simon & Schuster | March, 2016

This is the story of two friends, Frank and Harold, who do everything together and want to ride a roller coaster:

But one of them is not tall enough.

What are these pals to do?

Some Reviewssssss:

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“With his thick, sloppy, ripply purple lines and desert Day-Glo palette, Weinberg packs in the action, as well as a sweet reminder that true friends stick together even when circumstance might pry them apart.”

also a killer line of note – “a thrillingly shameless disregard for the safety obsessions of our time.”

– The New York Times

“This exuberant romp includes joyous, over-the-top illustrations. The roller coaster loops and swoops, mimicking serpentine coils, and the pages alternate between horizontal and vertical views. Frank and Harold’s creative problem-solving…. [is] perfectly in sync with the theme of best buddies having a wonderful time at the fair. This tale of friendship will make for a rambunctious read-aloud.”

– Booklist

“Weinberg’s digitally enhanced watercolor and pencil cartoon illustrations are full of energy and movement… VERDICT An irreverent punch line adds surprise and a last belly laugh.”

– School Library Journal

“This cheeky book delighted my children so much that they made me read it three times in a row. It has become a staple of our bedtime routine.”

 JoannaGoddard, A Cup of Jo (www.cupofjo.com)

“To reinforce the power of friendship, teamwork and the unforeseen twist a story can take YOU MUST BE THIS TALL  is a splendid choice.  I am certain you will be reading it more than once at a sitting.”

– Margie Myers-Culver http://librariansquest.blogspot.com

The first few spreads of the book -